It's So Bright Outside I Had To Show My Dark Soul

I'm back again so soon! This is a first but I was semi in love with my outfit today. I did end up getting my cartilage pierced. I also saw Into The Woods yesterday! A quick review: I didn't look into it enough to realize it was a complete musical. Literally little to no words. I feel like the whole concept was amazing but I can't help but imagine how it could improve having not been an musical. I also wish snow white was in this concept. I really enjoyed how they took the happy ending and then gave it a twist. I live for plot twist. The actors and actresses did a stupendous job they got a great cast including Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt. They're all great singers. I enjoyed it but I would've enjoyed it if they had used more words because at some points in the movie like before the witch "died" I would've liked to have understood what she was saying. Other than that great. Is it bad that every time I think of going back to school I cringe? I'm going to try to keep on this train of posting often. Would you prefer to have me post on one set time during the week? I like Fridays and 12 pm. I might give it a shot.

Jordan xoxox

Flannel ~ Thrifted
Jeans ~ American Eagle (where else)
Top ~ Lands End
Watch ~ Charming Charlie's
Shoes ~ Converse

I Hope You Had Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Hello guys and gals, I truly hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and got all the gifts you wanted and had a great time with your family and friends. This outfit I planned a while ago and when my friend over at Lait Fraise gave me HER shoes for Christmas everything fell in place. I believe i'm getting my cartilage pierced today as long as the Claire's I go to pierces cartilage and I'm super excited for that. And oh how I love after Christmas sales!

Jordan xoxox

Shirt ~ Hm
Jeans ~ Forever 21
Boots ~ Hm
Watch ~ Charming Charlies

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...No

Hello friends! I know it has been a while and I have been a busy child. I've been doing some writing and some other fun stuff and such. I only have time to watch youtube when I'm doing homework (which I have tons of) and daylight savings has stole prime time from me. Usually I'd take the pictures after my last class but at 4:30 its like pitch black so I can't do it then. But since break is next week I'm going to attempt to do tons of blogging and such but I think I said that during thanksgiving break... And if you have any thoughts on my new layout between the colors and where i'm putting the clothes tell me! I'm really interested to hear. Love ya


Cardigan ~ Gap
Skirt ~ HM
Boots ~ Justfab
Leggings ~ Charlotte Russe
Top ~ HM

Casual Fridays Make Casual Saturdays

Hello friends, long time no chat. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and hope you all do as well. And I hope you found great deals this Black Friday. Tbh I'm not sure if I did. I did online shopping this year and I'm so broke I don't even remember what it feels like to have money. And you know that feeling when you buy/order something and then you see the same thing for cheaper? I have that feeling. Also I have to buy gifts for people and I hate buying gifts for peoples. I'm being forced to participate in two secret Santa's. Whatever, I love Christmas and I have three more weeks of school until Christmas break. And I have a hell of a lot of work to do tonight and over the course of these next few weeks. Wish me luck!

Jordan xoxox

Necklace ~ Forever 21
Sweater ~ HM
Shoes ~ Converse
Jeans ~ Pacsun

It's Really Cold Outside.

I'm just going to get down to business and say straight up thats this week has been a struggle. The test, the projects and the people, its all a bit much. I've been pushing through this week all to get to Friday when THANKSGIVING BREAK STARTS. I get a week off and let me tell you I need it. Between my academic and arts responsibilities sometimes I get overloaded and I need this break to unwind. One more day to get through until i'm free! Pray for me.

Jordan xoxox

Sweater ~ JcPenny
Skirt ~ Ross
Socks ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Justfab

I Love Fall Colors.

Take this rather basic outfit to one and put it in the perfect fall setting and boom. You're getting a blog post. Lately its occurred to me I need to branch out in my music taste. I love Chris Brown and Trey Songz speaking of the Between The Sheets tour? I cannot wait until they're selling tickets I will be in the front line. But anyways, a lot of people at my school listen to alternative pop music and I want to be the type of person who can listen to anything and be fine with it. By some unfortunate concept I'm not. I like R&B and rap, some random radio songs and a little mix of pop but alternative? Bands? Thats not me. But I so wish it was because I have a music video project where I have to film a music video and me not knowing any good music video songs because the music I listen to music videos consist of drugs and sex, picked Mirros by Kat Dahlia. Sings "What am I going to do?"

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Target
Sweater ~ Rue21
Shoes ~ Hm
Jeans ~ American Eagle
Watch ~ Charming Charlies

Sometimes I Rant. I'm Human.

Hi guys today was a good day thus far but it won't be so great when I have detention. I've never had detention in my life before today and its all because I was late to my class by 25 minutes but get this the class is/was 3 hours and 30 minutes and to make over for the lost time I came back later that day to finish my project. I'm clearly very frustrated but its ok. I'll survive. I'm just going to finally read Percy Jackson. The last book in Percy Jackson's saga. But that's good because the books have been going down hill since The Lost Hero. And Rick Riordan, if you're reading this please tell the people who you gave the rights to for the movie that they did it all wrong. Logan Lerman fit Percy Jackson perfectly and if you skip the rest of the Percy Jackson books go right to The Heroes of Olympus and scratch all the characters besides Logan you're set!

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Uniqlo
Jeans ~ Pacsun
Shoes ~ HM
Hat ~ HM

When In Doubt Make Brick Walls Count

I love finding new places. Today my friend and I were taking a stroll downtown for our fitness requirment and we were looking for alley ways to take this weeks post and we came upon this alley. It was actually the front that attracted me but when we looked further past the front we found an alley with these beautiful bricks. And I apologize for the extreme amount of pictures but between the pictures of my friend and I there were 443. So, when picking out my faves I had a much larger pool then the normal 50. If any of you are getting outfit inspiration from my outfits comment or email me I'd love to know.

Jordan xoxox

Sweater ~ Target
Skirt ~ HM
Socks ~ Target
Shoes ~ JustFab

A Stroll On Newbury Turns Photoshoot.

Hay guys! Jordan? Whoa there. Are you posting? Again? Yes indeed I am. My good friend over at finally sent me these pics (thanks for taking the) and instead of drafting this and posting it later I'm going to post it right now. In other news my netflix isn't working! No seriously, its not. But on an actual serious note I want to start doing a song of the week and TV show of the week. YouTubers do monthly videos why can't I do weekly updates? If you think I should or if you're interesting in the music I listen to leave a comment below or don't I'll probably do it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read this mess. Enjoy the pictures!

Jordan xoxox

Dress ~ HM (where else)
Scarf ~ Nordstrom
Jacket ~ Nordstrom rack
Shoes ~ Justfab