today i really didn't feel like doing anything.

Bojour fellow humans! Today is Monday. Like most humans I dread Mondays, especially after coming back from April vacation. And you would think that because I slept most of April vacation I wouldn't be tired, but i am, so so tired. In other news I'm obsessed with Greys Anatomy! I've been watching it nonstop since I started it. I'm currently on season 6 first episode I believe. If any of you are watching it let me know because I love it. Also I'm going to a spa Thursday as my "birthday celebration" which I'm super pumped for. Anyway, love you, Jordan.


Another Day For Jesus

Hello fellow human beings. My name is Jordan and I guess this is my first blog post on this blog! I'm not a big fan of Easter but my family is. I couldn't do anything Easter bunny inspired because my dad believes Easter is about Jesus and Jesus only not chocolates no presents no nothing. But its fine I always get to look forward to Easter dinner. These pictures came out a little blurry but I wanted to be able to post something on 4/20.

Jeans~American Eagle
Shirt~Nordstrom Rack
Necklace~Wet Seal