A Little More Summer A Little Less Spring

Hola amigo(s)! I haven't posted a blog post since Dinosaurs roamed I know and I'm sorry about that. I also probably won't be posted for a little while longer because my school ends June 25 and finals week is the 16th-20th and I have projects coming up and with my terrible grades I need any extra credit I can get. But however just like I said in my last blog post summers just around the corner and i'm so excited to have all this time to work on my blog and work on my youtube that I made recently and get all my priorities in order for the fall. Also do any of you have any work outs and or natural hair styles? This summer I planning on loosing a bunch of weight and growing my hair but I don't how i'm gonna wear my hair and don't really have a plan for the weight loss thing. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!


Skirt~Forever 21
Belt~Wet Seal
Sandals~Marshalls or Tjmax (I can't remember)

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