I Swear Its Not Valentines Day.

Hi friends! Today I was seriously feeling some pink vibes. Im in love with both this sweater and dress. The sweater is so simple but the dress is edgy because of the mixing of patterns but unfortunately I haven't worn either of these items all summer because the dress shows half my bra if I don't wear a sweater with it but when I wear a sweater with it it covers the whole side of the dress which is the cutest part. and the cardigan I haven't worn because I got if for fall. Ive recently been making tons of shopping carts for back to school svn though I know I will not be getting any of the items in these carts because I already went back to school shopping but I mean its really hard to not have money. Its really hard to be a teen in general. In other news I'm going back to school in exactly two weeks which I'm super pumped about. Nervous but excited. Freshman year here I come!


Sweater ~ Rue 21
Dress ~ TjMaxx
Shoes ~ Shoedazzle
Belt ~ Wet Seal

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