When In Doubt Make Brick Walls Count

I love finding new places. Today my friend and I were taking a stroll downtown for our fitness requirment and we were looking for alley ways to take this weeks post and we came upon this alley. It was actually the front that attracted me but when we looked further past the front we found an alley with these beautiful bricks. And I apologize for the extreme amount of pictures but between the pictures of my friend and I there were 443. So, when picking out my faves I had a much larger pool then the normal 50. If any of you are getting outfit inspiration from my outfits comment or email me I'd love to know.

Jordan xoxox

Sweater ~ Target
Skirt ~ HM
Socks ~ Target
Shoes ~ JustFab

A Stroll On Newbury Turns Photoshoot.

Hay guys! Jordan? Whoa there. Are you posting? Again? Yes indeed I am. My good friend over at http://www.siennakwami.com finally sent me these pics (thanks for taking the) and instead of drafting this and posting it later I'm going to post it right now. In other news my netflix isn't working! No seriously, its not. But on an actual serious note I want to start doing a song of the week and TV show of the week. YouTubers do monthly videos why can't I do weekly updates? If you think I should or if you're interesting in the music I listen to leave a comment below or don't I'll probably do it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read this mess. Enjoy the pictures!

Jordan xoxox

Dress ~ HM (where else)
Scarf ~ Nordstrom
Jacket ~ Nordstrom rack
Shoes ~ Justfab

Transitioning Summer - Fall

Hay guys! Today I threw this together. Just kidding I picked it out the day before. But I didn't try it on so I wasn't totally sure what it would look like. Any who I took this basic short sleeveless dress and tossed on a cardi and knee high socks so that it would be warm enough for the fall breezes but still said I wish it was summer. The dress is actually a light blue while it might look white so to add an pop of color I wore this red belt. I feel like there are so many ways to wear this outfit but change things like switch out for a blazer and converse or add stockings and so much more. LIFE UPDATE: highschool is really hard, and i'm really struggling here. Its so much homework and i'm so stressed and i'm putting 10 times more effort than I did last year but getting the same grades. Except this year my grades COUNT. I don't know what i'll do. I NEED study tips because I get distracted so easily. Anyway I need to figure it out soon.

Jordan xoxox


Let it Fall, Let it Fall

Hay guys. UPDATE: I'm artsy now. I just randomly picked this spot and I'm in love with the first pictures and if I saw myself on tumblr frankly wouldn't be surprised. I'm at an arts school now. I write. It's funny because I'm writing right now and from one glance one might not see me with my horrid spelling and awful grammar that I write for two and a half hours everyday after the six hour schooldays. But I do. I'm definitely going to be blogging at least once a week now so yah.

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Nordstrom Rack
Skirt ~ HM
Scarf ~ Nordstrom
Shoes ~ Target