A Stroll On Newbury Turns Photoshoot.

Hay guys! Jordan? Whoa there. Are you posting? Again? Yes indeed I am. My good friend over at http://www.siennakwami.com finally sent me these pics (thanks for taking the) and instead of drafting this and posting it later I'm going to post it right now. In other news my netflix isn't working! No seriously, its not. But on an actual serious note I want to start doing a song of the week and TV show of the week. YouTubers do monthly videos why can't I do weekly updates? If you think I should or if you're interesting in the music I listen to leave a comment below or don't I'll probably do it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read this mess. Enjoy the pictures!

Jordan xoxox

Dress ~ HM (where else)
Scarf ~ Nordstrom
Jacket ~ Nordstrom rack
Shoes ~ Justfab


  1. I like that scarf you got from Nordstrom. I think you should do whatever you like on your YouTube channel.

  2. That really is a beautiful scarf! HM is my new go to these days, seriously how can you not love them!