Transitioning Summer - Fall

Hay guys! Today I threw this together. Just kidding I picked it out the day before. But I didn't try it on so I wasn't totally sure what it would look like. Any who I took this basic short sleeveless dress and tossed on a cardi and knee high socks so that it would be warm enough for the fall breezes but still said I wish it was summer. The dress is actually a light blue while it might look white so to add an pop of color I wore this red belt. I feel like there are so many ways to wear this outfit but change things like switch out for a blazer and converse or add stockings and so much more. LIFE UPDATE: highschool is really hard, and i'm really struggling here. Its so much homework and i'm so stressed and i'm putting 10 times more effort than I did last year but getting the same grades. Except this year my grades COUNT. I don't know what i'll do. I NEED study tips because I get distracted so easily. Anyway I need to figure it out soon.

Jordan xoxox


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