I Love Fall Colors.

Take this rather basic outfit to one and put it in the perfect fall setting and boom. You're getting a blog post. Lately its occurred to me I need to branch out in my music taste. I love Chris Brown and Trey Songz speaking of the Between The Sheets tour? I cannot wait until they're selling tickets I will be in the front line. But anyways, a lot of people at my school listen to alternative pop music and I want to be the type of person who can listen to anything and be fine with it. By some unfortunate concept I'm not. I like R&B and rap, some random radio songs and a little mix of pop but alternative? Bands? Thats not me. But I so wish it was because I have a music video project where I have to film a music video and me not knowing any good music video songs because the music I listen to music videos consist of drugs and sex, picked Mirros by Kat Dahlia. Sings "What am I going to do?"

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Target
Sweater ~ Rue21
Shoes ~ Hm
Jeans ~ American Eagle
Watch ~ Charming Charlies

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