Sometimes I Rant. I'm Human.

Hi guys today was a good day thus far but it won't be so great when I have detention. I've never had detention in my life before today and its all because I was late to my class by 25 minutes but get this the class is/was 3 hours and 30 minutes and to make over for the lost time I came back later that day to finish my project. I'm clearly very frustrated but its ok. I'll survive. I'm just going to finally read Percy Jackson. The last book in Percy Jackson's saga. But that's good because the books have been going down hill since The Lost Hero. And Rick Riordan, if you're reading this please tell the people who you gave the rights to for the movie that they did it all wrong. Logan Lerman fit Percy Jackson perfectly and if you skip the rest of the Percy Jackson books go right to The Heroes of Olympus and scratch all the characters besides Logan you're set!

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Uniqlo
Jeans ~ Pacsun
Shoes ~ HM
Hat ~ HM

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