It's So Bright Outside I Had To Show My Dark Soul

I'm back again so soon! This is a first but I was semi in love with my outfit today. I did end up getting my cartilage pierced. I also saw Into The Woods yesterday! A quick review: I didn't look into it enough to realize it was a complete musical. Literally little to no words. I feel like the whole concept was amazing but I can't help but imagine how it could improve having not been an musical. I also wish snow white was in this concept. I really enjoyed how they took the happy ending and then gave it a twist. I live for plot twist. The actors and actresses did a stupendous job they got a great cast including Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt. They're all great singers. I enjoyed it but I would've enjoyed it if they had used more words because at some points in the movie like before the witch "died" I would've liked to have understood what she was saying. Other than that great. Is it bad that every time I think of going back to school I cringe? I'm going to try to keep on this train of posting often. Would you prefer to have me post on one set time during the week? I like Fridays and 12 pm. I might give it a shot.

Jordan xoxox

Flannel ~ Thrifted
Jeans ~ American Eagle (where else)
Top ~ Lands End
Watch ~ Charming Charlie's
Shoes ~ Converse

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