Freezing Outside And In

Yet, I chose to wear a crop top of in the midst of this frosty season. I got my grades for first semester back. Mostly B's not B -'s and a few A's. I'm happy with them, I worked really hard this semester. I keep comparing myself to last year me but its hard not to. I am a much harder worker than I was last year. I obviously have stuff to improve upon since a B is not fabulous and is not going leave the door wide open for the opportunities I expect to have. Oh, and if you're wondering about the title its freezing in my room. Like literally as I type this I am shivering. I have never been so excited for spring. I mean there could be an alternate reason like soul is freezing but I won't delve into that.

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Charlotte Russe
Jeans ~ American Eagle
Shoes ~ Vans 
Watch  ~ Charming Charlie's

I Keep On Falling Into The Sale Section Of Forever 21

Hello friends! Today I'm back showing you a very similar outfit to last weeks, woohoo. I apologize for the size difference in these photos, they weren't taken from the same angle. Next semester starts on Tuesday and I feel like I've never been so excited for something in my life. I think I need to stop being so hateful. I've recently discovered this thing I'm going to call sly honesty where I will figure out a way to tell you indirectly how I (negatively) feel towards you. For example today in English my teacher asked us what we learned and I used other people in the class to further show him we don't do anything in class and he needs to stop talking down religions because its offensive. Also, I don't know if its just a me thing, but when people stare at me I automatically assume they hate me or dislike me so I reciprocate. But its very likely I just always end up sitting across from them when they decide to doze off. I also feel like wiring on this blog and being more honest about my life has started to take its effect. So thank you to the no one who is reading this.

Jordan xoxox

Sweater ~ Forever 21
Blouse ~ HM
Jeans ~ American Eagle
Sneakers ~ Converse

I Get A Little Lazy When I Get Stressed

Bonsoir! I'm back! It doesn't feel like its been so long since I've blogged, but unfortunately it has. The reason for this is because I've tried to blog! I really have, but if its not obvious to you, I've been trying to put higher quality content. I'm trying not to post with a picture that has dim lighting and is highly edited. But like I always say, I'm going to try and blog more often. I just need to work on not caring what other people think then I take my blog pictures freely! It's also been freezing out and the weather this week was horrendous. 

Jordan xoxox

Sweater ~ JcPenny
Jeans ~ American Eagle
Chambray Top ~ Uniqlo
Platform Sneakers ~ Hm
Watch ~ Charming Charlie's