Freezing Outside And In

Yet, I chose to wear a crop top of in the midst of this frosty season. I got my grades for first semester back. Mostly B's not B -'s and a few A's. I'm happy with them, I worked really hard this semester. I keep comparing myself to last year me but its hard not to. I am a much harder worker than I was last year. I obviously have stuff to improve upon since a B is not fabulous and is not going leave the door wide open for the opportunities I expect to have. Oh, and if you're wondering about the title its freezing in my room. Like literally as I type this I am shivering. I have never been so excited for spring. I mean there could be an alternate reason like soul is freezing but I won't delve into that.

Jordan xoxox

Top ~ Charlotte Russe
Jeans ~ American Eagle
Shoes ~ Vans 
Watch  ~ Charming Charlie's

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