High Necks And Chunky Boots

Hi guys, today I'm showing you this outfit in the snow and if you can not tell in these pictures I'm freezing my but off. It's so hard to blog in the winter because of the weather. This outfit is also going to be featured in a little something I'm working on. I think I might also start doing playlist of the month on spotify like every two months because I want to share my great music taste with the world! Yay! I also need to accept its winter and that I hate tights. I love dresses so much and skirts but I hate tights. Does anyone else feel like they literally sucking your soul from you via your thighs. They really suck and they smell bad. I spent 17.95 on tights at HM and they don't fit my long legs and that makes me want to cry. This is why I hate buying clothes. Shoes are much more reliable.

Jordan xoxox

Watch - Charming Charlie's
Top - Forever 21
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - HM
Cardigan - JCPenny

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