American Apparel Sale

The sale was so amazing I had to dedicate a whole post to it. I was informed about this amazing sale by a few of my friends and I went in two stores and saw nothing. I then met up with my friends later that day and went agin not expecting to find anything. When we were walking upstairs a pair of pants caught my eye and they were the cream easy jeans I had been looking at online! I checked the size expecting to see an xxs but they were in my size. It was too good to be true. No way these pants were 90% off! Why would they be? I walked up to the cash register ready to say "I changed my mind, not today" when she said "7.80 please". It was a blessing. Later that day while me and my sister were watching Divergent (before we watched Insurgent) I checked out the website and ordered this dress and the bodysuit which you can see in full on the haul that should be up on my channel soon.  I'm pretty sure the sale is over now but that does't mean you should give up. At the rate the sale was going they're probably going to close soon or something so they'll have a closing sale like Delia's! Best of luck to those of you who missed it!


Dress - American Apparel
Socks - Forever21
Shoes - Converse 
Watch - Charming Charlies
Body suit (underneath the dress) - American Apparel

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