Sprang Brake

Hello people of the internet, I am currently on March vacation and since none of my friends or family have vacation I've found myself with loads of free time. I've decided to reinvent myself through youtube. I'd already posted a few videos but after March vacation is over I'm going to delete everything. I think I have something different to bring to the large and overbearing youtube community. I'm done making excuses about why I haven't posted and i'll just say that school is rough. I mean it's really rough. In my last post i'm pretty sure I said I think I failed my math test which I did. Now I have to make up for it and I'm also taking full immersion french and it's just a lot. So sorry but hopefully i'll have at least two more post over break and two videos up next week starting Monday I think. Thank you, love ya.
Jordan xoxox

Pants - Banana Republic
Top - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Converse 
Earrings - HM 

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