I am so close to summer, its like when you're eating something, I'm at that point where its almost in your mouth. I'm so close and it's made me feel really lazy. I've never been one to race to the finish line, in games, once I see that someone is already winning I give up or if I see that I'm clearly loosing I give up. I look at my grades and it feels like I'm clearly loosing so I've given up. I'm just so tired. The song is by The Weekend whom I thought was a band but then I found out it was one person and I still hated his music but I love this song. Wish me luck during this last stretch!


Top - Asos
Bottom - Forever 21
Shoes - Converse
Earrings - Charlotte Russe

Play No Games

Today for one of the bridge post into my new blog vibe, I'm showing you a mom jeans look. I've been loving the mom jeans trend because as a "curvy" lady, straight up high waisted jeans don't always look the bestest. I tied these plain jeans with a plain white tee and then for the blog post I paired these suede-like pointy heels. Then just to class up the outfit I threw this thin sliver watch on. Also a quick FYI from here on out on my blog my blogpost names are gonna be songs I like right now so if you're gonna be wondering now you know. I guess thats it for now pals.


Jeans - Topshop
Heels - Gojane
Shirt - HM
Watch - Charming Charlies

I'm Not Commited

Hi guys, so I haven't posted for a long time but honestly, I have no excuse. I have had free time, cute outfits but I am extremely irresponsible and lazy and so tired all the time and a lot of times I don't care about anything at all including this blog. But I've decided to redesign the blog. I was searching myself and I realized I've had this blog for a little over a year now and I haven't really moved forward. I've been watching asos youtube channel and looking at a lot of blogs and I really want to move forward with my style and my fashion. I've been a lot more committed to youtube lately and I really need to learn some balance. I probably will try to pre-plan some post while i'm in the process of fixing up this blog in the over the next two weeks. I really want to be loyal and dedicated this year around. I'm 15 now and it's about time I get serious about something, I mean even school would be good. Thanks for sticking with me.


Top - H&M
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Madden Girl
Choker - Micheal's (DIY)
Watch - Charming Charlies