I'm Not Commited

Hi guys, so I haven't posted for a long time but honestly, I have no excuse. I have had free time, cute outfits but I am extremely irresponsible and lazy and so tired all the time and a lot of times I don't care about anything at all including this blog. But I've decided to redesign the blog. I was searching myself and I realized I've had this blog for a little over a year now and I haven't really moved forward. I've been watching asos youtube channel and looking at a lot of blogs and I really want to move forward with my style and my fashion. I've been a lot more committed to youtube lately and I really need to learn some balance. I probably will try to pre-plan some post while i'm in the process of fixing up this blog in the over the next two weeks. I really want to be loyal and dedicated this year around. I'm 15 now and it's about time I get serious about something, I mean even school would be good. Thanks for sticking with me.


Top - H&M
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Madden Girl
Choker - Micheal's (DIY)
Watch - Charming Charlies

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