Slight Work

Hello friends and other people on the Internet right now. I'm going to call this series of photos Blurred Cars, you know, because the pictures are so blurry. I finally got my blog theme together! After a failed attempt at transferring my blog to wordpress so that so I could have more free range... I went back to blogger and just bought a template off Etsy. I'm so excited for the future of this blog! I plan on investing in a canon camera soon because I really want a nice camera. The camera I use currently is technically my families camera and I want one of my own. It also is a Nikon that doesn't have a flip screen and a flip screen would be helpful for videos and such. Anyways, a little update: I'm not at vidcon, I'm still working, I go back to school in less than a month and I wear the same things over and over again on my days off. Anyways, it's been a week and now it's not over because I have to work tomorrow.

Jordan Alexis


Does anyone else think this outfit would loo better with a white baseball cap. I think I'm going to go to target and pick up a few baseball caps in different colors. Hello friends, today I'm showing you this lil getup. I really like this one because I feel like it's a lot edgier then my typical outfit so I might actually be giving people outfit inspiration. I've also decided I want to get into plus sized modeling within the next year or so but even though plus sized models are big, they're usually toned so I have to work out. I feel like I've wasted my summer so far. I know I went to Jamaica, but I haven't done typical summer things. I haven't hung out with my (non-existent) friends or had late summer nights. All I've done is hang out by myself and done everything by myself and worked. LoVe BeInG a TeEn! The song is by Joey Gatto.


Romper - H&M,  Jacket - Fashion to Figure,  Shoes - Nike,  Watch - Charming Charlies

Mind Right

Hello people on the Internet, this is a super basic outfit so I'm going to use this time to give you an update on my life right now. Currently I'm watching some vlogs on youtube, today I went to home goods and decided that my theme for my room this year is going to be white, gold and silver with a touch of green with some plants. I went to Ikea this week I think, and I got a cactaceae and a succulent which is what gave me the theme of the hint of green. My back and my feet always hurt these days and I know I said this last week but seriously. I also got some cute dresses today for future events at my school. I haven't posted on instagram in like a week but I lost like 20 followers within 10 seconds wtf and I noticed other people are loosing 100's and 1000's of followers like instagram needs to stop. Oh and the song is by TK N CASH.


Top (Forever 21), Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (Boohoo), Choker (DIY), Watch (Charming Charlies)

Earned It

Hello friends, today I have for you a rather basic outfit. I'm wearing a "little" white dress paired with some black and white heels for a statement, and for some color I threw this chunky watch on. A little update on my life, I started working, yay but I don't get my first paycheck until halfway into the summer. However, my work requires a uniform so I can only take blog pictures on my days off and Sunday. These pictures aren't my best and neither is my latest video on the tubes. I bought some new makeup from the drugstore and I'm really excited about it. My back is constantly in severe pain lately and my feet hurt from standing all day. Loving life! Loving the teen years! Fun!


Dress ~ Asos
Shoes ~ Justfab 
Watch ~ Charming Charlies
Earrings ~ H&M