Mind Right

Hello people on the Internet, this is a super basic outfit so I'm going to use this time to give you an update on my life right now. Currently I'm watching some vlogs on youtube, today I went to home goods and decided that my theme for my room this year is going to be white, gold and silver with a touch of green with some plants. I went to Ikea this week I think, and I got a cactaceae and a succulent which is what gave me the theme of the hint of green. My back and my feet always hurt these days and I know I said this last week but seriously. I also got some cute dresses today for future events at my school. I haven't posted on instagram in like a week but I lost like 20 followers within 10 seconds wtf and I noticed other people are loosing 100's and 1000's of followers like instagram needs to stop. Oh and the song is by TK N CASH.


Top (Forever 21), Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (Boohoo), Choker (DIY), Watch (Charming Charlies)

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