Slight Work

Hello friends and other people on the Internet right now. I'm going to call this series of photos Blurred Cars, you know, because the pictures are so blurry. I finally got my blog theme together! After a failed attempt at transferring my blog to wordpress so that so I could have more free range... I went back to blogger and just bought a template off Etsy. I'm so excited for the future of this blog! I plan on investing in a canon camera soon because I really want a nice camera. The camera I use currently is technically my families camera and I want one of my own. It also is a Nikon that doesn't have a flip screen and a flip screen would be helpful for videos and such. Anyways, a little update: I'm not at vidcon, I'm still working, I go back to school in less than a month and I wear the same things over and over again on my days off. Anyways, it's been a week and now it's not over because I have to work tomorrow.

Jordan Alexis

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