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Hi friends, today is the day. I'm moving into school. This outfit was from the celebration for the end of my job however I worked an extra week so yesterday was my last day and today I'm moving into school. I'm honestly so tired right now and it's almost 5am and I have so much work to do but for some reason I can't seem to get it through my head that I'm moving into school tomorrow. School is so stressful and I don't think I'm ready for that level of anxiety again. I'm also getting grey hair tomorrow, I had originally wanted long silver-like hair but the hair I got is a darker grey and it's in two different shades. If you want to see how it looks look on instagram tomorrow afternoon and I'll probably post a selfie with some lame caption. My Etsy shop should be up soon so that's more exciting news and also please check out my poshmark because I'm selling so much stuff. And more positive news, FALL IS ALMOST HERE. *SHRIEKS* Sweaters, chunky boots, skirts and knee highs, I'm beyond excited. There will be fall post so you all should be excited too!



Top ~ HM
Skirt ~ Boohoo
Shoes ~ Boohoo (similar)

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