Hotline Bling

Hi friends, today's outfit comes with a story. Today my friend and I decided we'd spend the day at the movies. We had planned to see four movies but our day was cut short thanks to some nasty janitor who had been borderline stalking us the whole day. He came into the theater of our movie and was like "Hi guys sorry to interrupt but I'm just gonna do ticket checks" and he quickly looked at everyones than proceeded on to carefully examine our tickets and than told us to leave. He was frankly extremely sassy and rude and I didn't appreciate. However, it brought me the cherry on top of the realization I've been having lately that I don't care anymore. Last year if this had happened to me I would've been in tears, but now I really don't care. I've given up on caring. It's a great way to live frankly.

Jordan Alexis

Dress ~ Fashion to Figure, Shoes ~ Converse, Flannel ~ Thrifted, Watch ~ Charming Charlies

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