Today I was so busy. Like I feel like I fully understand the concept of being busy now. Basically how today went was: I had my first class, my second class, a meeting, a photo thing for my school, my last class, assembly, my arts class and then finally at 5:00pm I was free. If you're thinking "but wait Jordan, when did you eat?" I didn't! This outfit is actually from a few days ago, today was some serious sweater weather. Yes, my bra strap's showing but I want that to become a trend. Like honestly how hard is it to make tops with thicker straps or sweaters that don't fall off the shoulder. #ICan't. Random thoughts with Jordan: do you ever sit in class analyzing every single person not necessarily in a negative sense and then think, what if someone is doing the same exact thing as me! Cray-zay. Anyways, that's all I got for today folks.


Romper - H&M
Choker - Forever 21
Cap - Target
Sneakers - H&M

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