Hi friends! Have you noticed I've been putting up post around every 5 days? I' trying to post more while I can still see the grass because I don't think I'll be able to for much longer. I'm watching Degrassi as I post this and oh the feels. If any of you guys know where I can get the first 5 seasons of Degrassi The Next Generation for like under 5$ than holla at yo girl because I need them. The first few seasons of Degrassi are the only shows I'll ever re-watch. I've crossed the line for obsessed. Also, do any of you know how to get up to French 2 full immersion french because I'm taking it right now and I don't understand anything. I need to start eating more. I feel like most people who are fat don't even eat that much, if you eat one bad meal a day you can gain so much weight. I'm living on that one meal a day life. Anyways, Primark opened and yasss.


 Crop top - H&M
Flannel - Urban Renewal
Skirt - Forever 21
Sneaker - Nike

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