Right Hand

Hi friends, look at my hair! It's silver! I haven't posted in a hot sec but I'm in school now. School is fun, I guess. I'm in a new dorm and I have not one but 2 roommates which is great with a capital 8. But seriously it's nice, they're quiet and the way my dorm was built I basically have a single and they just have to walk through my room to get to theirs. I've done some serious damage to my wallet lately and just in general. I also realized I hate buying things for other people. Like pay for your own stuff I don't want to pay for you. Ugh. School is hard and the lady who does the classes won't give me my 6th class! I don't understand, I requested 6 classes, give me 6 classes. Okay sorry for ranting on and on but then again all I really do here is rant.


Top - H&M
Jeans - Asos
Shoes - H&M
Choker - Forever21
Watch - Charming Charlies

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