Hello my friends. It feels like this skirt is cursed or something because so many of the pictures turned out blurry again. A little update on my life, I'm so busy with school that my blog is lagging. Whenever I don't post in a week my heart hurts. I'm currently watching Once Upon a Time and procrastinating on my french because I have 150 words to write in french. Today I'm pretty sure I had a panic attack when all my plans for my film project fell apart but my friends helped me pick up the pieces. Tbh the only reason you need friends; to help you when you're a hot mess and since I'm a hot mess a lot... I think I'm taking my hair out soon so any color recommendations will be gladly accepted. In other news Fetty Waps album came out, praise the lort I don't have to listen to the bootleg versions on soundcloud anymore. I'm actually in love with this jacket, it's like warm and flannel like inside and fall jacket inside the sleeves. It's great, ten out of ten.


 Outfit details:
Jacket - Thrifted, Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Forever 21, Sneaker - Converse

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