I Know What You Did Last Summer

That is just about the longest song title ever to go along with the fewest photos I've put together for the blog. However, like I talked about on Sunday, I'm on break. Yay! Love it! I haven't really accomplished anything today besides showering and I did a little bit of editing. I really want some like good cake from a bakery. I've also been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians all day, what is wrong with me? Also I would like to improve on my makeup skillz because as of now I just do my eyebrows, a wing and some mascara but you can't even see it with my bangs. Also I do a lil highlighter but it's barely noticeable and it's actually a bronzer that's a few shades too light. Why does my back hurt so much, I'm 15. I am not an old man my back should not hurt this much. I also have to order some stuff for classes and I'm gonna do that now while I still remember that.


 Top - Primark
Jacket - Forever 21
Jeans - American Eagle
Boots - H&M

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