Surprise surprise, I'm not dead. I know this is like two pictures, in the dark, and seemingly low quality because it's outside in the dark, but I just wanted to update you guys. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I feel like I need to do something. I don't mean like go ice skating, I mean I need to start something. I have this blog which I love and the only reason I haven't posted is because so much stuff happened this month, I just did't have the time to post. But I'm gonna get back on my game, it's going to be hard because my tripods at school but I'm gonna get back on my game and post more. I'm gonna start working a lot harder on my Etsy shop and I also want to start something new. I'm not sure what but I have plenty of time to think because I have no social life.


Dress - Boohoo
Jacket - Forver 21
Shoes - Nikes

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